You most likely already know at least some impor­tant facts about Berlin, the German cap­i­tal city. In case you’re a fact sponge you prob­a­bly want to check the wikipedia arti­cle about Berlin to soak up every­thing you want to know. We’re not going to pro­vide any gen­eral infor­ma­tions here. Instead we’ll try to describe

«Berlin» by jaime.silva
«Berlin» by jaime.silva (View on flickr)

What Berlin means

... to the people who fell in love with this city.

Berlin is often described as a cre­ative melt­ing pot, cul­tural center, ‚poor but sexy’, startup heaven, a place to find your­self - or to get lost. Once dev­ided by a huge wall the two parts of the city devel­oped inde­pen­dently for 40 years. The fall of the wall 25 ago left a city with many faces.

What does Berlin mean to YOU? Please comment... :)

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